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About Us

"At Beyond the Experience®, our story is as unique and exciting as the journeys we offer. It all began with a dream and a move to Puerto Aventuras, a place that promised not just adventures but also a new lifestyle. Founded by a nautical tourism enthusiast with a camera in hand, our company was born from a passion for the sea and the desire to share that magic with others. Initially working as a photographer on catamarans dedicated to snorkeling tours in the incomparable Riviera Maya, our founder was inspired by the joy and satisfaction of the visitors. It was evident how the combination of the crystal-clear sea, excellent service, and an exceptionally fun and dedicated crew created memorable experiences for everyone who came aboard. Driven by the desire to take these experiences to a new level, we saw the opportunity to create a service that would not only match but exceed expectationsThus, Beyond the Experience® was born, with the mission to offer private and luxury sea adventures aboard elegant and well-equipped vessels. What we do goes beyond simply sailing; it's about creating unforgettable moments, offering a service where quality, safetyfun, and professionalism come together to create an unforgettable experience."

Our mission at 'Beyond the Experience®', we create captivating luxury sea adventures that are both unforgettable and personally tailored, focusing on the unique allure of Riviera Maya. Our commitment is to provide an easy booking process and individualized attention, ensuring each trip is an exemplary display of comfort and splendor.

Our vision as leaders in Riviera Maya's luxury sea voyages, we strive to continuously elevate travel standards, merging innovation with our passion for crafting joyful, meaningful sea experiences that also honor our environmental and community responsibilities.

Join us, and let 'Beyond the Experience®' be your guide to the wonders of Puerto Aventuras and beyond. Discover a world where every journey is an exploration, every moment an opportunity, and every guest a cherished part of our story.